Bottles or flasks in HDPE

Bottles in HDPE can be recycled.

Optimise the recyclability of your PET packaging by following the EPBP guidelines. You can take action on the following: the body of the bottle, the label, the closure, the other components.


Flacon HDPE


1. Body of the bottle

Barrier EVOH / PA PVDC
Additive   talc / CaCO³ / other additive rising the density of the HDPE

HDPE bottles which had contained sauces are not recycled for the moment.


2. Label

Direct printing date of production or expiry   other direct printing
Labels HDPE / MDPE / LDPE / LLDPE / PP or OPP paper / PET / PETG / PS PVC / aluminium / metallised label
Sleeve PE / PP paper PVC / PS
Glue Non-adhesive, water-soluble adhesive or alkali adhesive (<80°C)   Adhesive that is non-soluble in water or alkali at 80°C

Limit glue as much as possible; sometimes a few points are enough.


3. Closure

Closure/Cap HDPE / LDPE / PP   metal / aluminium / PS / PVC / thermosets
Closure liner HDPE / LDPE / PE+EVA / PP   PS / PVC / EVA with aluminium
Seal PE / PP / OPP Aluminium PVC / silicone

Avoid rings, seals or other features which stay attached to the bottle when the consumer removes the sealing system.

Some sealing features such as seals may be put back into the empty packaging by consumers. The materials must be selected while taking this possibility into account.


4. Other components

HDPE / LDPE / PP PVC / RFID / non-plastic

The information contained in this document only gives general advice. Each detail must be taken as a general recommendation based on our best knowledge at the time of uploading. It does not guarantee conformity with the different recycling schemes. It is not an exhaustive list under any circumstances. Users are therefore advised to check the data with Fost Plus for all specific and current information. (


(1) some materials and components of the bottle can be recycled under certain conditions. Please contact a recycler or the Fost Plus counter :

Inspiring examples

Video showing how plastic - including bottle and flasks in HDPE - is recycled : 

Materials produced from recycled Bottles or flasks in HDPE: 
Bac HDPE recyclé
Tuyay HDPE recyclé
Arrosoir HDPE recyclé