Drinks and food cartons

Drinks and food cartons can be recycled.

Selectively collected drinks cartons are sorted and brought to a paper factory. They are transformed into pulp in a pulper equipped with a special grid which makes it possible to separate the fibres from the polyethylene and aluminium fraction under the action of water and a rotating movement. After this, the fibres are purified and stored in a tank until they are used in the paper machine. This means it is interesting to limit components other than cellulose fibres to what is strictly necessary. For their part, the polyethylene and aluminium fractions are collected at the exit and recovered in a cement plant or recycled by other companies. Before placing a drinks carton on the market, it is advisable to check with the supplier whether conclusive tests have been done with a recycler.

Inspiring examples

Video showing how food packaging - including drink and food cartons - is recycled:

Materials produced from recycled Drinks and food cartons: 
Papier recyclé sac papier
Papier recyclé Essuie-tout