Industrial packaging

In principle, the majority of conventional industrial packaging in PE, PP, EPS, paper/cardboard, wood and steel can be recycled. To be recycled, the packaging materials cannot be contaminated or soiled. As much as possible it is necessary to avoid packaging that are made of different materials.

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The list below describes the industrial packaging which must be considered as non-recyclable:


Parafined, bitumined or siliconed paper/cardboard;

Composite paper/cardboard containing more than 15% of materials other than fibres;

Paper/cardboard which has been in direct contact with a dangerous product.


Laminated plastic, plastic material glued to another support;

Thermosets (e.g. polyesters, reticulated products, etc.);

Primary packaging used for phytopharmaceutical products.


Wood treated with dangerous products to make it resistant to water and fire.


Glass containing lead.


Technical composites such as stoneware and porcelain.