Paper-Cardboard with more than 85% paper

Any packaging that contains 85% of paper may be deposited in the paper stream and may carry the paper recycling mark.

 In an eco-design approach it is advisable to :

  • Ensure that the materials used are easily separable (adhesives, films, etc ...). 
  • Avoid non-water soluble double-sided coatings. For good fiber recovery, water must have access to the fibers.

Other important elements to be taken into account are the following:

  • The packaging must be empty and clean.
  • Provide for intuitive communication with the end user, if the end user is to separate the different elements of the packaging after use.
  • Optimise weights and formats.
  • Use safe chemicals.
  • Look for packaging designs that can be easily sorted automatically.
  • Choose paper and cardboard made from recycled or virgin fibres from sustainable production forests.

To learn more, click here to download Filpap's information document "Tips for optimal use in a circular economy". File conseils_ecoconception_filpap.docx

Materials produced from recycled Paper-Cardboard with more than 85% paper: 
Papier carton recyclé
Carton recyclé